Virginia Riser Recliner



Vigrinia Riser Recliner

Maximum User Weight


The Virginia rise recliner can accommodate a maximum user weight of 19st 10 lbs. This recliner chair comes with 12 months parts and labour warranty.


Single Motor


The Virginia recliner is a single motor riser recliner chair. The foot rest rises when the back rest reclines and the foot rest lowers as the back rest rises.


Recliner Material


The Virginia recliner is professionally upholstered in a vibrant fabric. The Virginia recliner chair is available in 2 colours, Almond and Oatmeal.


Virginia Riser Recliner

The Virginia Electric Riser Recliner  Chair is an excellent entry-level chair ideal for those who need assistance in getting in and out of their armchair. The Virginia Rise Recliner will rise up to allow you get to a standing position which means that you can get out of your chair alone and whenever suits you and conversely, the Virginia Recliner Chair will slowly and easily fall back to a seating position at the push of a button to get you back into a very comfortable position once you are ready for a sit-down!

Virginia Riser Recliner

Product Features

Virginia Riser Recliner

Remote Control

The Virginia is equipped with an easy to use big button remote that makes operating the chair easy and requiring minimal effort.

Comfort as standard

The Virginia Rise Recliner is upholstered in a vibrant fabric bring colour to any setting and fitting in with your current set of furniture.

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