Top Riser Recliners from our extensive range

Dakota Riser Recliner

The Dakota is one of our most popular riser recliners, a faux leather model available in single and dual motor options.

Aspen Riser Recliner

Aspen Riser Recliner

The Aspen Riser Recliner combines luxurious comfort and ease of use, available in both single and dual motor options.

Montreal Riser Recliner Chair

Montreal Riser Recliner

Modern and stylish in design, the Montreal is a popular riser recliner available in regular dual motor options.


No hidden costs, delivery on all recliners listed on Electric Recliners is FREE

Benefits of our Riser Recliner Chairs!

Fantastic Quality

Our Riser Recliners are finished in a high quality material ensuring long lasting furniture.

12 Months Warranty

For peace of mind all our Riser Recliner chairs come as standard with a 12 month warranty.

Free Delivery

All our riser recliner chairs are delivered completely free of charge as standard.

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