Choosing Your Riser Recliner Chair

A riser recliner chair can help to provide enormous health benefits to those who are suffering from a wide range of medical conditions, including arthritis, asthma, circulation problems and back pain. For people who spend a lot of time in an armchair, the additional seating positions that a riser recliners can provide, can reduce the risk of pressure sores, and other conditions.

Electric lift chairs help the user to get in and out of the armchair easily. They are simple to use and are operated by a handset.  The handset will be attached to the chair, so that it cannot be mislaid, and is always to hand when it is required, and the riser recliner chair will often have a pocket or storage space for the handset.


Lars Leather Riser Recliner Chair

Riser Recliner Chairs – How they work

A riser recliner chair are electrically operated by pressing the relevant button on the handset.  If the chair is in a seated position, it can be raised using the handset, and once it is as high as it goes, the user can then perch on the edge of the seat, and use the handset to lower the chair to the required position. When the user wants to stand up, pressing the relevant button will raise the chair and the user from a seated position to an almost standing position.

An electric riser recliner chair can prove to be a very useful addition to your home. If you suffer from arthritus, COPD or any ailment which restricts your ability to get up out of a chair then an electric recliner will likely be a huge benefit to you.

In almost all cases the delivery of your recliner will result in some assembly. The manufacturers or retailers normally ship the chair in two parts. The base and back of the chair will either arrive in separate boxes or in one box. You will need to slide the backrest into the base before you can start enjoying your new recliner chair. Be sure to opt for either an engineered delivery or have a strong able relative or friend to help with the delivery. With standard delivery most companies will use a delivery company such as DHL, TNT, Yodel, Royal Mail etc. These UK courier companies in most instances will only deliver ‘kerbside’. This basically means they will delivery your item to the kerb or roadside at your home. If you live in flats or your home is some distance from the road and you have not taken an engineered delivery you may need help getting the recliner chair into your living room.